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Preventing and Managing NJ Dog Aggression

Some dog owners in NJ do not realize the methods or are scared of dealing with their dogs aggressive behavior. It is important to know that you and your dog will have a much better relationship if you know how to properly control their temper. The more information we can gather about our dogs the better we can improve their existence and their behavior. When it comes to aggression there are two very distinctive kinds: Self-Protective Aggression and Territorial Aggression. To give you a better understanding of the two let’s go over what each one encompasses. 1. Self-Protective Aggression: This happens when a dog shows aggression towards strangers, such as other dogs or people, who come into their personal space, such as inside the home or when walking away from the home. Some people may confuse this with territorial aggression, it is more self-serving and fear-based. This kind of behavior can be seen early. A puppy may be approached by a well intentioned person, but he/she may misread that as a predatory approach. This is a common form of aggression. Puppies and adult dogs generally look to their people for reassurance, but many owners are not trained for that specific reaction. Basic […]


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Posted by NJDogFan - January 30, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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